Achterhoek Ancestors

New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addie  08 Feb 1877New York I52556
2 Anna  Oct 1881New York I53517
3 Elizabeth  Feb 1850New York I36994
4 Louisa  Abt 1858New York I54594
5 Lucressia  Abt 1834New York I51156
6 Martha?  Jul 1867New York I51099
7 Mary  Abt 1849New York I48451
8 Mary A.  Abt 1844New York I56114
9 Mary E.  Abt 1841New York I55961
10 Minnie  Feb 1870New York I50067
11 Polly Ann  10 Dec 1843New York I37341
12 Ricka  Oct 1847New York I49782
13 Sena  Jan 1864New York I51219
14 Seneth  Apr 1852New York I46275
15 Becude, Frank  Abt 1854New York I41406
16 Bennink, Berend Jan  19 Dec 1855New York I37384
17 Bennink, Gerrit Jan  22 May 1857New York I37389
18 Bennink, Jan Hendrik  06 May 1851New York I37377
19 Bennink, Jan Willem  29 Sep 1852New York I37381
20 Bennink, Janna Maria  10 Feb 1850New York I19217
21 Bennink, John H.  Abt 1854New York I50608
22 Bennink, Maria  15 Feb 1859New York I37390
23 Bergman, Irien  Abt 1902New York I50788
24 Blacking, Abe  Abt 1870New York I52560
25 Blacking, Louisa  Abt 1868New York I54701
26 Blacking, Margreth  Abt 1866New York I52559
27 Blacking, Solomon W.  Abt 1861New York I54700
28 Blacking, William  Abt 1874New York I52561
29 Boink, Otilia  Abt 1880New York I52565
30 Boink, William  Abt 1877New York I52564
31 Camping, Nettie  Abt 1861New York I54592
32 Clarme?, George  Abt 1855New York I46410
33 Clarme?, Jane  Abt 1859New York I46412
34 Clarme?, Nelly  Abt 1857New York I46411
35 Clarme?, Paulina  Abt 1854New York I46409
36 Copp, Ada E.  Abt 1882New York I54720
37 Croscutt, John  Abt 1857New York I46295
38 Croscutt, William  Abt 1856New York I46294
39 Damkot, Alice  Abt 1853New York I46350
40 Damkot, Henry  Abt 1869New York I48219
41 de Ruiter, Anna  May 1849New York I18692
42 Doolittle, John  Abt 1829New York I46297
43 Droppers, Jan Dirk  04 Aug 1854New York I4010
44 Duijser, Cornelias A.  Oct 1885New York I52960
45 Dunnewold, Dina  Abt 1857New York I46397
46 Dunnewold, Ofka  Abt 1848New York I46396
47 Eijnink, Jane  Abt 1860New York I46366
48 Elsinghorst, Anthony F.  Dec 1882New York I51855
49 Elsinghorst, Charlotte  Mar 1878New York I51854
50 Elsinghorst, Florence  May 1891New York I51857

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)        Person ID 
1 te Beest, Johan Theodoor  New York I54076


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duijser / van Houte  10 Sep 1883New York F14566
2 Hijink / Kortschot  Between 1857 and 1858New York F10240