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Passengers on the Phoenix.

On November 21, 1847, the propeller Phoenix perished on Lake Michigan, a couple of miles off the shore from Sheboygan. About 250 people died and only 43 people survived. Most of the passengers were Dutch immigrants.

See Yvette's Dutch Genealogy Homepage for more information about the disaster.

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Linked toJanna Geertruid Willemina Kleinhesselink; Jan Willem Koffers; Janna Berendina Koffers; Johanna Hendrika Koffers; Berend Willem Koijers; Engelina Johanna Koijers; Arend Kolenbrander; Jan Adolf Kolenbrander; Gerit Hendrik Kraaijenbrink; Johanna Kraaijenbrink; Kaatjen Kraaijenbrink; Willem Kraaijenbrink; Theodora Krienen; Berend Willem Landeweerd; Egbert Landeweerd; Fenneken Landeweerd; Hanna Gerdina Landeweerd; Hendrik Jan Landeweerd; Hendrika Landeweerd; Hendrina Landeweerd; Teuntjen Landeweerd; Tonia Landeweerd; Johanna Lieftink; Hein Lubbers; Hendrikus Lubbers; Marijke Lubbers; Janna Hendrika Meerdink; Janna Willemina Mennink; Aaltjen Nagel; Dirk Willem Navis; Geertruid Navis; Gerrit Hendrik Navis; Hendrik Jan Navis; Hendrik Willem Navis; Hendrika Johanna Navis; Nibbelink; Berendina Nijweide; Christina Nijweide; Engelbarts Nijweide; Hendrik Jan Nijweide; Jan Willem Nijweide; Janna Hendrika Nijweide; Evert Jan Oberink; Gerrit Jan Oberink; Gerritje Oberink; Grada Oberink; Hendrik Willem Oberink; Lammert Oberink; Berendina Willemina Onnink; Hendrik Jan Onnink ['More Links']

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